Rate your bus journey with our online questionnaire

Rating your journey

Please rate each category on a scale of one to five. Five (excellent), four (very good), three (good), two (could be better), one (poor).

Timetable information

Consider how easy it was to find out information about the bus service.

Boarding the bus


  • Did the driver stop without being flagged down?
  • Were you warned about hazards such as steps onto the bus, buggies blocking your way?

Driver communication

Consider whether the driver talked to you as you boarded the bus, could you hear them clearly?

Concessionary pass


  • Were there any issues using your concessionary pass?
  • Was it easy to find the pass scanner?

Finding a seat


  • Was it easy to find a seat?
  • Did the driver pull away before you had a chance to find a seat?

Audible announcements

Consider whether the bus had audible announcements and if they were loud and clear enough. 

Alighting from the bus


  • Did you ask the bus driver to tell you when you’d reached your stop and if so did this happen?
  • Was it easy to get from your seat to the bus door?

Overall rating

How would you rate your journey as a whole? 

Further comments

Please give feedback about the good aspects of the service and anything you feel could be improved on.

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