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I thought it might be a good idea to create a general recommendation topic that people could turn to when in need of something new to read. Just state your genre of interest, and more than likely, someone else loves it too and can recommend your next good read. This might also be a good place to recommend a book you've particularly enjoyed. Hope people find it helpful.

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I find with Audio books there's almost a double review process. A good book can be ruined if you don't enjoy the reader. This may be, as is the case of some audio books prepared by amateurs (such as those in the otherwise excellent Librivox) due to poor reading style or recording quality but more often than not it is just that the voice of the narrator doesn't match the voice you would hear in your head while reading.

So in those terms I have to say that "The Bible" (written by various authors and translated by various theologians) read by David Suchet is an excellent audiobook. My wife got it for me on audible and I've enjoyed listening to it greatly.

It does suffer from no easy way to move around to different chapters and verses which is kind of important for a reference work/ religious text though.

If you are classically or religiously inclined however I would still thoroughly recommend it. He puts the passion of his belief into the work and it comes across well.

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Also if you are into high drama then using Audible's speed controls to slow down (and deepen) David Suchet's voice and selecting a suitably Apocolayptic verse from the book of Revelation can be interesting ;)

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I tend to read for entertainment, so I enjoy books that are interesting but have humour too. If you like a particular genre or author your local library will have tools to find similar books- I loved Douglas Adams Hitchhiker books and was recommended Jasper Fforde the Eyre Affair- an inspired suggestion. I agree with the other comments that the narrator is crucial- it can make or break a talking book.

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I'm a huge fan of Douglas Adams. Have you experienced all 6 books in the Hitchiker's Trilogy?
I was privileged to get to read the last one - "And another thing" by Eoin Colfer just before I experienced my sight loss and have to say that he 'channels' Douglas Adams very well. If his name hadn't been on the cover and Adams hadn't been in the ground some 8+ years I would have thought it was written by him.

How's the audio description on Hitchhikers? I've only ever read them.

I'm now inspired to see if I can get some Audio Described Pratchett.